Welcome to the website of Norwegian Forest Cattery Psotnik*PL.
We invite you to meet the cats living with us, they bring a lot of joy and mutual love. Actually we do not own the cats - the cats own us. We encourage you to leave a sign in the Guestbook.
This year our cat received something special from Satn Claus - new cat-tree, very solidly built, accoring to the size of users. Our cats like it very much, so it is now their favourite place for playing and sleeping.

On November 25th our tomacts went to Poznań Cat Show. Both of them got Ex1 marks, nominations to Best In Show and certificates  - Dyzio CAGPIB and Asio CAPIB. And what made us most happy - our spotted Asio won his Best in Show competition and received BIS Neuter Cat gr. 3.

On June 24th complete male staff from our cat family went to exhibition in Posnanian Palmtree House. From Psotnik cattery there were Dyzio, Asio and little male Gogo. "Aunt" Basia from cattery Sirkad helped with logistics. On the show there were interviews, photographs, walks in the alleys, and we got home without Gogo, as the last Caya-born kitty found his new home.

On June 16th Asio and Gogo Psotnik*Pl went to cat show in Legnica. It was a first-time for Gogo, and he won EX1 mark. Asio also got EX1 mark, as well as NOM BIS and his third CAP, thus he compelted his Premior title.

On 28-29.04.07 Dyzio and Asio took part in XXIX i XXX International Cat Show in Kościan. For the first time Asio competed as and adult neuter and got two EX1 marks, two Premior certificates and on Saturday he won Best In Show neuter category III.We are very proud of him :) Dyzio got another two CAGPIB certificates and on Sunday he qualified to BIS.

On 11 march 2007 children of our Caya and IC Titran's Leonardo were born. Four boys and one girl.

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On February 18th - the day after The International Cat's Day - Dyzio and Asio went to cat show in Posnanian Palm-house.



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