Nasze koty
Title: Champion
Color: a 23 - blue mackerel tabby
Born: 07.06.1996
Father: CH Bergansius Sardanas
Mother: Perła Tell me why*PL

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Title: Champion
Color: a 09 - blue with white
Born: 08.06.2001
Father: EC Afjord's Cyrano
Mother: IC Emilka Agpamis*PL

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Title: Inter Premior
Color: n - black
Born: 16.02.2003
Father: EC Afjord's Cyrano
Mother: CH Amanda Leśny Domek*PL

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Color: OCI p 24 - płowy centkowany
Born: 19.04.2006r.
Father: EC FIN*Galax Brijmohan
Mother: CH Britney Born to Love, CZ

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Potomstwo naszych kotów
A litter
The first litter was born by Amanda. The father of our first kittens was EC Golden Delicious Felis Jubatus [Picture]. The first litter was born June 27th 1998. There were three females – Alfa, Abra, Arnika, and three males – Agrest, Arbuz and Ananas. [Pictures]

B litter
The second litter was born also in June in 1999. The proud father was DK*IC Huldrenissen’s Calvin Klein. There were three girls – Bazia, Balbinka, Bajka and four boys – Baton, Bonifacy, Borys and Barney. [Pictures]

C litter
Our third litter was born on February 4th 2002. Again the father was DK*IC Huldrenissen’s Calvin Klein. Sweet little ones are four girls – Capri, Cobra, Cocaine, Carramba and three boys – Cyclone, Cheyenne and Conan Barbarian. [Pictures]

D litter
The fourth and the last litter of Amanda, consisted of only one but exceptionally big cat. It was Dyzio, black as the devil himself, his father was IC Afjord’s Cyrano. [Picture]. Dyzio was so sweet the we decided that he would sty with us.

E litter
On November 5th 2003 for the first time Caya gave birth to kittens. The proud father was EC Snowlowers*D Arron. [Picture]. There was blue-white female Elwirka, and black-white male Eklerek. [Pictures]

F litter
Another litter was born on August 31st 2004. The father was EC Odin De La Cachouteba*F. [Picture]. There were two girls born – white tortoiseshell tabby Fifi and Funia. The three boys are sliver white tabby Fazzy and Filemon, as well as smoke black Furby. [Pictures]

G litter
On 11 march 2007 children of our Caya and IC Titran's Leonardo were born. [Pictures]


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