About us
There were always cats in our home. Until the eldest female passed away. We wanted another cat, but decided it will not leave the house so it can live all its life with us, away from outside dangers. A friend was just having a litter of kittens. And so our cattery has started. In 1996 after anxious waiting a blue tabby female Norwegian Forest came to our home, officially named Amanda, but Kicia for us. Norwegian Forest Cats were not so popular these days, so we decided to try our luck on cat shows. This way Amanda got her Champion title. By the time she got experienced as a cat mom, bringing up her first kittens. Still her favourite task is eating and sleeping. Kicia is very tender loving. She is very devoted to us. Her favourite position is lying on a person and giving kisses or spreading in the bed. We started to worry about her condition and lack of company.

This is how the second female cat came to us in September 2001 – blue-white Caya. She was very vigorous kitten and brought a lot of youth to our home. She was great as an aunt for Kicia’s kittens. She won a Champion title at the age of eleven months. When her first kittens were born, Caya showed her care and love to the kittens. Caya is very communicative cat, who purring sweetly, immediately jumps on our laps as soon as we sit on the couch. Though she really doesn’t like to be carried on hands and feels very unhappy in such situations.

In February 2003 our cat family got bigger with the son of Amanda, who as her last “child” stayed with us. We just could not part with him, and Dyzio soon become our pupil. He was neutered and quickly earned a Premior title. For further achievements, as with Caya, he would need to go abroad. Dyzio is definitely the most vigorous cat in our family. He often surprises us with his ideas. Closed drawers or cupboards are not a problem for him. One of his favourite games is running after a ball and, until the renovation of our bathroom, flushing the toilet.

Our cats are members of our family and we want to ensure the best care for them we can. They can go out on a fence secured and roofed terrace with a cat-tree for climbing all the time. In house they have high cat-furniture for amusement.

Our cats get only the best and well-known cat food as well as well known veterinary care.

Beside the cats there are tropical reef inhabitants in our home.
We invite you to find more about them. Our Aquarium »


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