We have received pictures of Caya's sons - Eklerek Psotnik*PL and Filemonek Psotnik*PL, who live together in a house in Poznan. How big they are!"

Eklerek Psotnik*PL

Filemon Psotnik*PL

At the beginning of this year, there was a long awaited rendez-vous of our Caya and IC. Titran's Leonardo at Karodok cattery. As a consequence we are awaiting kittens at the beginning of March 2007.


On 27th January 2007 we visited Caya's son - Furby Psotnik*PL (called Dodek) in his Warsaw home.


That's how 2-years old boy presents himself:

Christmas/New Year's Eve 2007 were very peaceful. Even the fireworks did not scare our cats. Asio watched them through the window. The most interesting were the presents though...

On November 25th-26th 2006 Dyzio and Asio entered together Poznan Cat Show. Dyzio scored two excellent marks and received two CAGPIB certificates. Asio also got two EX1 marks and was nominated twice to Best In Show.
Congratulations to both boys!

On 30.09.2006 at Liberec Cat Show (Czech Republic) Dyzio completed Inter Premior title and was also nominated to Best In Show. Congratulations! Asio received EX1 mark, and relaxed himself in nearby park playing in the leaves.

On Sept. 2nd 2006 Asio presented himself on the Wroclaw Cat-Show. He got Ex1 mark, nomination to BIS and finally won BIS Kitten cat.III. He lost the battle for BIS cat.III, the judges voted 2:3 in favour of adult sphinx male."
Pictures courtesy of BriBeri*PL

On August 20th for the first time Dyzio and Asio together went to cat-show organized by Felis Posnania. This show took place in Posnanian Palm-house

On July 5th we went to Slovakia. Our target was Banska Bystrica, where we paid a visit to Ocicat cattery "von Kronenefeld*SK". We were completely lost to litle ocicats - we spent almost a day playing with them, happy that, they liked the toys we brought with us. We asked numerous questions to the breeders. The effect was not long awaited - the same day we decided that one of the boys will come to us. We chose Asio - fawn spotted (OCI p24) little tomcat. We are awaiting him on the beginning of August. On the pics Asio alone and with his brothers (first left).

Our grandchild Nazgul has just returned from cat show in Książ, where he completed his Premior title. Congratulations!"

In 78 issue of Nasze Akwarium magazine, there is an article about our marine aquarium. Its history and technical solutions. You can read the article in "Our Aquarium".

In June two of our cats had birthdays.
Kicia is 10 years old and Caya 5.
Happy birthday to both of females!



On May 21st 2006 we took part in Cat Exhibition in Posnanian Palm House (Palmiarnia). Despite the poor weather there was quite a number of visitors. In “Norwegian corner” we met one of our “daughters” – Funia, who, as a woman, showed what she thought about the photographer [see foto] as well as Cocaine’s son (and our grand-son) Nazgul. Dyzio had the opportunity to show himself in TV relation in Posnan TV, though the lights and camera made him quite timid.


Funia Psotnik*PL, whose proud mom is our Caya, completed Inter Champion title in April 2006, and got her first Grand International Champion certificate.

We wish the cat and the owner, all the best and further successes on the shows. We are waiting with impatience for the first kittens from new cattery Sirkad*PL, which will be stared by Funia.

In summer 2004 we finished the construction of terrace for our cats. It has an area of almost 17m2 and is completely roofed. The openings above the barriers are fence protected. The cats can go out (to the terrace) through their own flap-door. They are very content of this opportunity. Now they can go out whenever they want, day or night, which is also good for their health. They can play in snow in winter, and sunbathe in summer
For full comfort they have a cat-tree for climbing. Large tree-branch found in the woods, was cleaned and installed, so there could be some shelves mounted. Now our cats can admire the world in their favourite position – from the top.


On the next shows Caya got CACIB certificates. Dyzio wanted to be no worse and on Cat Show in Warsaw on February 14th 2004 completed Premior title. On two following shows he got CAPIB certificates. Both cats are now facing abroad cat shows to get further certificates.

We are happy to inform that on Cracov Cat Show on June 2nd 2002 our Caya got Ex1 mark and completed Champion title, being only 11 months old. Congratulations and best wishes of further successes.


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